Cuneiform | 3300 BCE to 75 CE

Early Cuneiform (pictographs)

Evolved Sumerian Cuneiform

Akkadian Cuneiform

A similarity between all the three types of cuneiform is the impressions and wedges into the clay. Differences are that the early cuneiform showed more images, ,the evolved cuneiform shows wedge-shaped lines still forming some kind of shapes, and the Akkadian Cuneiform just looks like a bunch of random wedge-shaped lines that take no shape.

A nomadic civilization is one that has no permanent home and migrates according to season or resources. Sumerians created a visual form of communication to help keep track of resources that were bought and sold. They used a wedge-shaped stylus to make impressions on a flat clay surface.

Ideograms are more like symbols or characters representing ideas, while pictograms use pictures to represent words or ideas.


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