The Gutenberg Press | 1440’sP

The Gutenberg Press

The printing press was the creation of movable type using molds of characters and the quicker process of printing those characters. The molds were pressed into an ink pad and then onto a sheet of paper to leave a mark of the character.

Movable Type

Movable type is characters cast on separate pieces of metal so that they can be imprinted onto paper once dipped in ink.

Porous Printing: A basic stencil process where ink is forced through open areas in the shape of characters.

Intaglio Printing: A character is etched and carved into a plate. The carving is filled with ink and a sheet of paper is pressed over it and pressure is applied to transfer the ink to the paper.

Lithography: Drawing is pressed onto a place with greasy ink and water is applied. When ink is poured, it attracts to the greasy parts and not to the water areas.

Offset Lithography: used for commercial printing; ink in the form of an image is transferred from a plate to a piece of plastic then to the sheet of paper.

Printing presses today are automatic because of machines created that do the printing on their own.

Offset Lipothography Press

CMYK stands for Cyan Magenta Yellow Black used in four-color process printing when each four different layers of these colors are combined to create the final image/product.


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