The Linotype Machine | started in 1873

Sholes' Typewriter

Mergenthaler's Linotype Machine

Operator using Linotype

The typewriter was an important part of our history because it was a quicker and easier way to record documents, notes, and produce newspapers. It led to linotype and mechanical ways of setting type. Typesetting is getting a document ready to be printed/pressed. Linotype was the greatest advance in printing since movable type because the type could now be set mechanically rather than handwritten. The linotype keyboard had three different colored sets of keys. The black set was for lowercase letters, white for uppercase, and blue for punctuation, numbers, and spaces. Today, our keyboard has a shift key to create uppercase letters and punctuation so that we only need one set of characters rather than three.


~ by laurabuffa on March 30, 2011.

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