Pirates of Silicon Valley

The movie Pirates of Silicon Valley showed the succession of both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. From their struggles to their accomplishments, it told what they both went through to get where they are today. Steve Jobs, a laid-back yet aggressive man, was in charge of Apple. Bill Gates, an incredibly intelligent man who’s a bit scattered, was with Microsoft. Throughout the movie, both Jobs and Gates did what they could to make their own companies more successful than the other.

I think it’s amazing how much both accomplished in their lives according to their circumstances. Both started in a garage with not much money, to being multi-millionaires. It really showed how hard work really does pay off. Although Steve Jobs was not the most pleasant man to be around, he still worked very hard to get Apple popular and moving along. I think both men are very intelligent and we should be thankful for what they’ve created that we all use here everyday. I rate this movie a 5 because it was informational while still being comical and entertaining.


~ by laurabuffa on April 15, 2011.

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