These projects are created in my Graphic Design class. A couple are magazine pages for the school newspaper, the Speculator. I like creating those more than the others because I like to follow a format and they are a form of advertisement for an audience. Other projects include creating anything we desire based on a decade or story line.

With the magazine pages, the format and colors have to appeal to the audience (our peers at school) to catch their interest. It is important to catch the reader’s interest with a page design to help direct them to an article so they’ll read it. The story book also has to appeal to the specific audience of children. To appeal to this audience, we create simple pictures that were pleasant and a story with simple words so the kids wouldn’t have a hard time reading or understanding. Some projects have certain requirements(decades poster must have the same feel of the decade chosen;research must be done) and others, such as designer’s choice, can be completely random and be up to the artist him/herself.

While still getting a professional opinion, I think this class has helped me learn how to use all the tools and such on the computer to compose pieces. We aren’t completely on our own, but we have some independence which I personally think helps you learn better. The teacher is obviously still there to guide and give constructive criticism to help keep the designers on the right path. It’s all about appealing to an audience while still creating something you like and adding your own twist to it.



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